Our Story

Beauty in the Darkness is a hard hitting, self-proclaimed ‘punkcore’ band out of Las Vegas, Nevada with an eclectic taste in music that brings out the best in every genre. Zero, Alex, and the Dark Twins push the boundaries of their minds and musicality to bring thought provoking songs that will have you screaming your hearts out and allow you to unleash your inner darkness. 


Beginning in 2012, the band started as just a dream, with Zero at the forefront of the project, as members drifted in and out. Music was constantly being written and perfected, and the ever changing line up played festivals, venues, and house shows which built up the base following that the band has today. In the beginning of 2017, Zero brought Alex Stevie into the band and cemented the foundation for the group as it is known today. The Dark Twins were to follow soon after.


In June of 2017, Beauty in the Darkness released the Lost For Words EP. Packed with new lyrics from Alex as well as old nostalgic songs that fans had come to associate with the band, the EP was greeted happily among their fans. October of 2017 held the release of fan-favorite single Crazy Stacy! The band released an acoustic album entitled Breaking Down on April 20th, 2018.